Permit Records Information


Building Permit records can be reviewed online 24/7.

Simply Go to the Citizen Access Portaland as shown in the example below, enter the Permit Number or Address you want to search and then click the "Search" button.

Image of Records Search

records requests

If you wish to review permit documents and drawings, you may visit the permit center in person. If you wish to make copies of permit documents or drawings, during your visit to the Permit Center, the Permit Technicians will walk you through the process, including completing an Affidavit for Copy of Record (PDF) if the documents were prepared by a a licensed or registered professional.

Documents prepared by a licensed or registered individual are protected under state law as copy-righted documents. Before the City can release such documents, a records request will require written approval from both:

  • the design professional associated with the document
  • the property owner

The permit technicians will send the completed affidavit to both the property owner and to the design professional, where applicable.