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Hoarding:  The Challenge for Care Givers and Loved Ones

hoarding workshop

The Concord Senior Center hosted a free Hoarding Workshop on June 29, 2019. The event was a collaborative effort that included, The Concord Senior Center, Meals on Wheels Diablo Valley Region, Contra Costa Health Services and Concord Police Department’s Code Enforcement. The purpose of this event, was to provide resources and information for caregivers and loved ones, or other persons who want to know more about the hoarding disorder and how to start the organization process.

Over 120+ people attended the two hour presentation, to listen to a knowledgeable group of speakers. Also in attendance were a few vendors, Nurse Next Door, Sunrise Homes, Provident Health Care, ACE Home Health & Hospice and staff from Contra Costa County who provided information on other services.

The speakers included Michael Tynan who shared a personal story about his mother’s struggle with hoarding. Dr. Joyce Martin, psychologist and counselor for Contra Costa County defined the different types of hoarding, what could cause it, treatment options, and how to get started dealing with this disorder. Janet Flint, professional organizer, followed with tips and strategies on how to direct someone with hoarding disorder to make better decisions by getting buy in and voluntary compliance. Heather Argueta was our 4th speaker who concentrated on safety. Safety of the person can be a good motivating reason to organize and de-clutter. She showed several examples on how a hoard can become a safety issue. Finally, we heard from Concord’s Code Enforcement Officer, Jeff Conner, who explained the role of code enforcement on hoarding situations. They hope to resolve issue with empathy and patience, with the understanding that hoarding can effect more than just the person on the cluttered property. Code enforcement needs to also help the person realize that their situation can easily effect the life of those who share a building (apartment) or a neighbor. Hoards come with insects, rodent, mold and more. We want to ensure that all involved, are safe.

The information was very well received and the feedback shows that the community did get some value from the presentation.

  • “This motivated me and reminded me about fall prevention and why I need to start.”
  • “Hoarding Resources needed when we start the clean-up process.”
  • “The emotional issues with this disorder and how to gently deal with people that have anxiety getting rid of items”

If you missed the presentation, view the video and download available resources. For more information, contact caryl.tynan@cityofconcord.org.

VIDEO http://reflect-concord.cablecast.tv/vod/199-Hoarding-The-Challenge-for-Caregivers-and-Loved-O-High-v1.mp4