Pickleball & Tennis Courts

The City of Concord continues to follow Contra Costa County health orders and we want to thank all the community members who are committed to diligently following the Health Orders and adhering to the posted restrictions and social distancing guidelines.

Playing tennis and pickleball is allowed per the current health orders, however, there are restrictions that come along with this coveted privilege which are specifically designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  These are tough times and we all desperately want to return to our regular active lifestyles. The only way to get through this is together, so please follow health orders, do not participate in unapproved/unpermitted activity, and protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

Please share the below information and Court Facility Compliance Plan with your tennis and pickleball friends and family, so they too can do their part to keep the courts open.

Pickleball and Tennis Court Facility Compliance Plan

In light of the updated health order, combined with an unacceptably high level of unauthorized group events and health order violations on the courts, the City of Concord is taking a firm approach in an effort to ensure all activity on the courts is approved, in compliance with current health orders, and adhering to all posted rules and restrictions.

The Parks & Recreation Court Facility Compliance Plan is aimed at reducing health order violations and unapproved events occurring on the courts on a daily basis. 

As a result, the courts will be locked for a minimum of two days without notice anytime non-compliant behavior is observed.  Repeated non-compliant behavior will result in longer closures. Non-compliant behavior includes, but is not limited to

  • Participating in and/or organizing tournaments, clinics, lessons or other group events without an official City of Concord permit;
  • No Social Gathering-before, during or after play;
  • Failure to wear face coverings at all times;
  • Failure to maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from others.

Signage, stating the current restrictions and rules, is posted on entrance gates at the courts to remind everyone of the consequences if non-compliant behavior occurs.