City of Concord California

News Release

November 16, 2012

Help stop costly copper wire thefts in Concord

The City of Concord is asking residents to help stop copper wire thefts, which have cost the City over $700,000 to date.

"We could really use the public's help with this problem," says Public Works Director Justin Ezell. "Copper thieves often take several days and many trips to the target site before actually stealing the wire. They like to operate at night, in dark or dimly lit areas. Be alert for anything that looks out of place in your neighborhood or in City parks, or for people conducting what looks like late-night construction projects."

Copper has been taken from lights that illuminate Concord streets and city parks, as well as from traffic signals and park irrigation control systems. Thieves are accessing the wire through in-ground access boxes and then pulling the wire out of the ground.

The City continues to look for the most effective methods with the lowest possible costs to deter copper thieves. A number of different options are being considered, including filling access boxes with concrete, or covering junction boxes with dirt and large boulders. The most effective tool identified so far is also the most expensive. It involves boxes and lids that require specialty tools to open them. The boxes are installed in a bed of rebar-enforced concrete.

Residents who notice suspicious activity, such as men working on electrical boxes alone, without traffic control, late at night, or with unmarked vehicles, should call Concord Police at (925) 671-3333.

City of Concord CA