A commitment to business

Permit CenterSustaining a vibrant local economy is a matter of public policy. Concord understands the importance of its business community, and balances business and residential needs to the benefit of both. This policy has kept City government fiscally sound and the community economically healthy.

Economic Vitality Strategy

The City's Economic Vitality Strategy promotes partnerships among businesses, merchants, residents, community groups and City departments to anticipate needs and creatively solve problems when they occur. The strategy guides City policy to enable Concord to provide efficient, timely local services and maximize companies' success.

One-stop Permit Center

Today's economy demands quick response to changing conditions and reduced time to market. Concord's award-winning One-stop Permit Center at City Hall provides the flexibility to build or renovate facilities faster, cut construction costs, get people working sooner and speed time to revenue.

Ten-year financial plan

Concord is one of the few cities in the nation to adopt a 10-year financial plan. This far-sighted strategy increases fiscal stability by assuring long-term funding of services and programs.

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For more information, contact Economic Development at 925-671-3355

John Montagh, Economic Development & Housing Manager
Robert Ramirez, Economic Development Specialist

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