Boards and Commissions

Boards and commissions act in an advisory capacity to the City Council. Members of volunteer bodies increase the level of citizen participation in a number of specialized areas. Except as stated, all members must be residents of Concord and most serve without compensation.

Current Roster

A roster of board and commission members is available from the City Clerk's Office. For more information, please call (925) 671-3495.


Openings are posted and announced by the City Council in March and November of each year, and City Council Committees interview applicants at a public meeting. Council Committees recommend applicants, but appointments are made by the City Council. Applications for membership are accepted at any time.

You Are Invited ..

To apply for a position on one of the City's Boards and Commissions. For more information, contact the City Clerk's Office at 671-3495, or download and complete Boards and Commissions Application.

Board and Commission Description
Board of Appeals The five-member Appeals Board meets as needed to interpret State law and Uniform Codes pertaining to construction standards for the City. They make a determination of suitable alternate materials and methods of construction and hear appeals of orders, decisions, and determinations made by the City building official. Decisions of the board are final and may not be appealed to the City Council. Members must be residents of Concord, or of Concord's sphere of influence, who are qualified in matters of building construction.
Commission on Aging Commission works to identify, improve and develop services and opportunities for senior citizens in Concord. The Commission is comprised of up to 11 members who act as a resource to all of the City's boards and commissions on issues affecting seniors. Commission members also serve on the Contra Costa Advisory Council on Aging subcommittees to identify the unmet needs of older persons and evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and laws. They also develop an annual work program, establishing short and long term goals in order of priority. Meetings are held in the Concord Senior Center, Classroom B, 2727 Parkside Circle.
Community Services Commission The Community Services Commission (CSC) identifies housing, neighborhood and social services needs within the community. The commission reviews funding requests, and recommends funding to the City Council on the allocation of Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) monies and Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District (CPPHCD) grant monies. The CSC consists of up to nine members the CPPHCD Grant Committee consist of five CSC members and two members from Pleasant Hill. Most meetings are held in the Garden Conference Room, City Manager's Wing A at 1950 Parkside Drive.
Design Review Board The Design Review Board reviews the design for each improvement for which a building permit, certificate or other approval is required. They also review any matter referred to the board by the Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator or Planning Manager, excluding detached single-family residences, interior work, and certain minor building exceptions. The five-member board is made up of one member of the Planning Commission, three design professionals, (e.g., architects, landscape architects, urban designers, building designers, at least one of whom is a professional landscape architect), and one public member with experience or training in design concepts. Only the public member is required to be a resident of Concord. Meetings are held in the Permit Center Conference Room at Civic Center.
Measure Q Oversight This committee will provide recommendation to the City Council on the use of Measure Q revenue generated by the establishment of a half-cent sales tax increase approved by voters in November 2010, perform review of the City's annual audit report and present its findings annually at a public meeting. The committee meets as needed prior to the preparation and adoption of the City's Annual Budget.
Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commission This commission may consist of up to seven members who act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters pertaining to public parks, open space, and recreation. Up to five adult members, and two youth members who are selected by the adult members, are called upon to review and recommend Council action to develop, modify, and/or improve City parks, assist in the promotion of recreational and parks programs, assess parks and recreation needs, and recommend capial improvement projects and fees related to parks and recreation. Meetings are held in the City Council Chamber. Meetings are televised live on Channel 28 (Comcast) and Channel 29 (Astound).
Personnel Board The Personnel Board consists of five members who act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on personnel matters. The board receives and hears appeals and grievances, and as directed by Council, conducts hearings on personnel matters, gathers information and data, and provides written reports of findings. The board meets as needed on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.
Planning Commission The five-member Planning Commission develops and maintains the General Plan of the Concord planning area. The commission develops specific plans as necessary, makes recommendations to the City Council regarding proposed General Plan amendments and municipal code modifications, and reviews planned district developments, tentative subdivision maps, and use permit applications. Additional duties include formulation and review of physical design projects in the Redevelopment Area and recommendations to the Redevelopment Agency Board regarding compliance with General Plan and Redevelopment Plans. Meetings are held in the City Council Chambers. Meetings are televised the first and third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m on Concord's government cable channels 28 (Comcast) and 29 (Astound).
Successor Agency Oversight Board The Oversight Board will oversee the "winding down" process of the former Redevelopment Agency of the City of Concord.The Oversight Board has fiduciary responsibility to the holders of enforceable obligations and the taxing entities that benefit from the distributions of property tax and other revenue.

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