Commission on Aging Agendas

Topics Covered:: The Commission on Aging works to identify, improve and develop services and opportunities for senior citizens in Concord. Commission members also serve on the Contra Costa Advisory Council on Aging subcommittees to identify the unmet needs of older persons and evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and laws. They also develop an annual work program, establishing short and long term goals in order of priority. See the Boards & Commissions Agenda for more information.

Divider LineGeneral Information: Agenda Process
Most meetings are held in the Concord Senior Center. 2727 Parkside Circle, Concord CA

Agenda Annotated
9/17/2014  -- Canceled
7/16/2014  -- Canceled
6/18/2014  -- Canceled
6/18/2014 Special Meeting  
4/16/2014  -- Canceled
3/19/2014  Annotated agenda in PDF  
2/19/2014  Annotated agenda in PDF  
1/15/2014  -- Canceled
1/8/2014 Special Meeting Annotated agenda in PDF  
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