Infrastructure and Franchise Agendas

Topics Covered:: Cable and garbage franchises, transportation, solid waste, public works, streets and sewers.
Public Participation: The public is encouraged to participate in the City's decision-making process and is invited to attend City Council Committee meetings where issues affecting the community are discussed.

Divider LineGeneral Information: Agenda Process
Most meetings are held in the Garden Conference Room. 1950 Parkside Drive, Concord CA

Agenda Annotated / Minutes
9/11/2014  -- Canceled
8/14/2014  -- Canceled
7/10/2014  -- Canceled
6/12/2014  Annotated agenda in PDF  
5/8/2014  -- Canceled
4/10/2014  -- Canceled
3/13/2014  Annotated agenda in PDF  
2/13/2014  Annotated agenda in PDF  
1/9/2014  -- Canceled
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