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The Building Division provides plan checking, permitting, and inspection services for new construction, additions, and remodels within the City of Concord.

Our goal is to provide an effective and efficient way to provide general information about the Permit Center; develop, update and maintain informational handouts on the process for obtaining permits; and provide information on the operation of the Building Division. The Permit Center provides a single location for customers to obtain necessary information about permitting, developing properties, and operating businesses in Concord.

The Building Division is responsible for reviewing permit applications for compliance with all applicable state and local building codes and regulations. These include building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, disable accessibility, and energy efficiency codes and standards. The division also performs field inspections on all permits issued to verify compliance with these codes, and insure that new construction in Concord is constructed in accordance with the highest standards of safety and that all existing structures are maintained in a safe condition.

Multi-Family Housing Inspection Program

On March 7, 2000, the Concord City Council adopted Ordinance No. 00-2 establishing the Multi-family Rental Dwelling Unit Inspection and Maintenance Code. The purpose of the ordinance is to proactively identify blighted and deteriorated housing stock and to ensure the rehabilitation or elimination of housing that does not meet minimum Building Code and Housing Code standards. In addition, the ordinance is intended to promote safety and further preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents of the City dwelling in multi-family units.
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