Community & Economic Development

Department Mission

To efficiently deliver Building, Planning, Economic Development, Redevelopment, Housing, Engineering, and Transportation services.


Ensure that buildings are constructed and maintained in accordance with adopted codes, standards, and policies.
   •  Building Division


The Planning Division is responsible for providing planning services that implement the policies and objectives of the community that are set forth in the City's General Plan and Municipal Code.

The Planning Division is responsible for the growth and development within the City with the goal of enhancing and preserving the physical, social, and economic quality of the City. The Planning staff reviews and processes applications for all development proposals and provides support for the city Council, the Planning Commission and the Design Review Board.


The Engineering Division provides design and construction contract administration of City capital projects. Staff also provides current development support along with monitoring and coordinating implementation of the required mitigation measures for developments and other projects.
   •  Current Development
   •  Capital Improvement


The Transportation Division coordinates and facilitate the movement of goods, motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists by providing efficient and effective traffic control devices and strategies that are consistent with the Goals & Objectives of the Transportation Circulation Element and the Growth Management Element of the General Plan.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Division implements the City's Economic Vitality Strategy with the overall objective of enhancing the business environment and quality of life in the City through promoting investment, job generation, overall business activity, and elimination of adverse economic conditions.

Housing Assistance

The Housing Division provides financial and technical assistance to improve housing stock and provide opportunities for safe and affordable housing in accordance with the Housing Element of the City's General Plan, CDBG Program guidelines, and Redevelopment Agency Housing Set-Aside requirements.
Owners of RDA-assisted housing can submit Compliance Reports Online.

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