Planning Division

City of Concord

The Planning Division is responsible for the City's current and future planning needs. Staff is responsible for managing development in the best interest of the City by applying regulations and standards that make our City a better place to live, work, and play, and through which the quality of life in Concord takes shape. The division maintains, updates, and implements the General Plan (the "constitution" for the City) through a continuing review of all development. The planning related laws, Development Code, and policies are communicated to developers and the general public to ensure an accurate and accessible flow of information.

The Planning Division is the central point for the review and processing of all development applications. In coordination with the other divisions within the Permit Center, the Planning Division processes over-the-counter permits and discretionary permits.

Over the Counter Permits

Many permits requiring review of the Planning Division, such as those for residential additions can be obtained the same day, over the counter, at the Permit Center if all necessary items are submitted and requirements met. The Planning Division (925-671-3152) can provide you with the current zoning and required setbacks for your property to assist you in drawing up your plans. Staff has prepared a listing of Frequently Asked Questions to provide answers to those questions heard most often.

Discretionary Permits

Project applicants are encouraged to meet with staff and submit plans for a pre-application review prior to filing an application for a discretionary permit. A formal meeting with staff from various divisions provide direction and guidance to project proponents prior to preparation of plans and detailed designs required for formal application submittal. A portion of the pre-application fee is applicable toward the formal application filing fee.

Discretionary permits require longer timelines with approval required either by the Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission and/or City Council. Such permits include Minor Use Permits, Use Permits, Variances, Minor and Major Subdivisions, Rezonings, and General Plan Amendments. Applications, Submittal Checklists, and Fees and Charges Schedule for such discretionary permits are available on-line. To determine which application is required for your proposal, please contact the Planning Division. The Planning Division is currently working on a wide range of development projects.

The Planning Division is working on a number of long-term (advanced planning) projects. Following is a list of a few of the advanced planning projects:

Long-Range Planning

Ayers Ranch Annexation - The Ayers Ranch area is an "island" of unincorporated Contra Costa County completely surrounded by the City of Concord. Over the years, the City has received a number of requests from property owners to annex portions of the area to the City.  The requests have been primarily driven by a desire for City sewer service which by state law cannot be extended outside the City’s jurisdiction except in cases of imminent health and safety issues. The City has also received input from property owners opposed to annexing into the City.

In order to solicit input and gauge property owner interest in annexation, the City, together with Contra Costa County and the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), hosted a Community Information Meeting on May 23, 2012. There were a number of speakers discussing relevant annexation and sewer topics followed by a question and answer session.

Property owners then participated in an informal and non-binding poll showing support/opposition to annexation by placing a colored dot on their property. A link to the map from the exercise can be found below.

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