Health and Safety

Health and Safety FairThe well-being of our employees is very important to the City of Concord organization. A proactive program has been established to foster a safe and healthy work environment, with special emphasis placed on helping employees understand and follow safe work practices. The program takes a multilevel approach, focusing on the need for each individual to take an active role in helping promote safety in the workplace.

To support these efforts, Concord has developed a comprehensive Safety Manual. Reflecting the City's commitment to safety, all employees are given a copy of the manual on their first day of work and the Health and Safety Program is reviewed with new employees during their orientation. A monthly Safety Tips contest highlights the valuable information contained in the manual, and helps keep the organization focused on safety issues.

In addition to the Safety Manual, the program also encourages health and safety awareness through the use of periodic Health and Safety Bulletins, articles in our employee newsletter, and safety and wellness training sessions. Safety site inspections are also conducted on a monthly basis for both City-owned facilities and public areas. A yearly citywide Wellness Event provides employees with an opportunity to learn about maintaining good health habits, with demonstrations and information including cholesterol and blood pressure screenings and lifting labs. For more information on upcoming activities, please contact the Human Resources Department.

To further reinforce safe work practices, Safety meetings are also conducted at the departmental. Departments take a very active role in ensuring that employees have the information and training they need to perform their jobs safely. Books and videos on health and safety related topics are also available for check out by employees. View our Training Library

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