Maintaining The City

Building Maintenance & Real Property

Median in Concord, CaliforniaThe City provides a variety of real property services for leases of City property and sale of surplus property.

Building Maintenance provides for general maintenance of City-owned buildings and leased property, as well as for graffiti removal on public property.

  • Call the Graffiti Hotline at (925) 671-3080 to report graffiti or request graffiti information.


The City maintains the public landscapes and streetscapes.

  • Call (925) 671-3444 to report on trees and the Landscape Maintenance Districts.
  • Call (925) 671-3444 for information on weed abatement and park maintenance complaints

Pump Station/Sewers

The City provides preventive maintenance and makes routine repairs at the pump station to provide uninterrupted sewage flow to the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District treatment plant. Staff performs preventive maintenance procedures and maintains sewer main lines and laterals, keeping plugged lines and overflows to a minimum for sewers in the the City of Concord and Clayton.

  • Call (925) 671-3099 to report the City's sewer problems and to obtain sewer related information.

Streets & Drainage

The City provides a variety of street maintenance and curb, gutter, and sidewalk programs that maximizes pavement life, maintains safe walking surfaces, and ensures efficient surface runoff.

  • Call (925) 671-3228 to report potholes that need repair.
  • View the Street Sweeping Schedule, or call (925) 671-3448
  • Call (925) 671-3050 for Street Repair Schedules.

Street Lights

As of April 22, 2005, Concord owns all street lights in the City and provides general maintenance. PG&E still provides power/electricity.

  • Call (925) 671-3213 to report street light outages and repairs.
  • Call (925) 671-3444 to request tree trimming for street light clearance.

Traffic Signals & Street Signs

The City maintains a variety of traffic control devices to provide guidance and direction of traffic flow. Coordination of new installations and maintenance of traffic signals, pedestrian signals, roadway signs and markings is provided to ensure safe, efficient, and effective traffic circulation.

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