Code Enforcement
Parking and Storing Vehicles

Did you know that there are several ordinances in Concord that pertain to the parking and storage of cars? These ordinances increase the livability, desirability and the appearance of all of our neighborhoods. Many residents may not be aware of these ordinances, or may have questions about them. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions relating to this issue:

Q. There is a car that has been parked on my street for months now and no one has moved it. What should I do?

If a car in your neighborhood is parked on the street and appears to be abandoned, please contact the Concord PD by email at You may also call the PD Traffic Department directly at (925) 671-3259.

There is a car that has been parked in my apartment complex for months now and no one has moved it. What should I do?

If the vehicle is parked on private property such as a condo, apartment, or shopping center, it is the responsibility of the manager of that property. Please contact the manager who has the right to request a tow service and authorize removal of the vehicle.

Q. There is a wrecked car that has been parked in my neighbor's driveway and lawn for months now and no one has moved it. What should I do?

Unregistered or wrecked vehicles on single-family residential property should be reported to the Code Enforcement Unit, as should vehicles on unpaved surfaces (lawns, etc.). Unregistered or wrecked vehicles are allowed if they are not in public view.

Complaints can be sent to the Code Enforcement Unit by email to, by phone to the 24-hour hotline at (925) 671-3075, or by phone to the Neighborhood Services Division main number at (925) 671-3075 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Q. My neighbor continually parks his car in front of my house instead of his own. What can I do about it?

If the car is licensed, currently registered and operable, your neighbor may legally park his car on the street in front of your house or anyone else's house. However, he cannot block your driveway. If the vehicle is not licensed, currently registered or operable and is parked on a public street then California Vehicle Codes apply. You may contact the Concord Police Traffic Department at or (925) 671-3259.

Q. Where can I legally park my vehicle if it is inoperable or unregistered?

The vehicle may be parked in your garage, but not in public view.

Q. I have a Certificate of Non-operation on a car that I am not currently driving. Isn't that the same as being registered? Can't I park it on my driveway?

You must store that car in your garage. The City of Concord doesn't recognize a Certificate of Non-operation as being legally registered because a vehicle so designated can't be driven legally on public streets.

City of Concord Municipal Code does not permit inoperable or unregistered vehicles to be parked just anywhere on public or private property. They may be stored inside garages, but may not be stored on driveways, unpaved surfaces, front, side or rear yards. Vehicles stored inappropriately continue to deteriorate and affect the overall appearance of the neighborhood. They also accumulate dirt, trash, leaves and debris.

If you need to store a vehicle that isn't licensed, registered or operable, please put it in the garage or store it off-site, but not on the driveway, public street or in your yard. Help the City and your neighbors keep your neighborhood looking clean and uncluttered.

City of Concord CA