Code Enforcement
Temporary Carports

Many citizens may not be aware that placing temporary carports in the front setback area of a property is in violation of the City's Municipal Code. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive on this issue:

Q. Are portable carports allowed at all?

Portable carports are NOT allowed in the front setback area of the property. This means that no temporary carports may be placed on the driveway or front yard. You can place them in an enclosed back yard provided they are located a minimum of 5' from the property line.

Q. Why aren't we allowed to place temporary carports in the front setback area?

There are several reasons for this. The Municipal Code clearly establishes that permanent carports and garages are the only structures allowed in the front set back area. Temporary carports do not meet the criteria, as they are not considered permanent structures. In addition, you are unable to regulate the construction of a temporary carport, creating a potential safety hazard. Temporary carports are not structurally sound, and also tend to deteriorate quickly and are unreliable. For example, a strong windstorm could easily damage the portable carport or even cause it to be blown away.

Q. Why do local stores sell temporary carports if that's the case?

This is one of those buyer beware situations where the consumer needs to do their homework first. Before making any purchases of any type of temporary structure or building materials for a shed or other accessory building, you should contact the City of Concord's Building Division at (925) 671-3107. The Building Division can advise you whether your planned purchase meets City Municipal Code requirements, and whether a permit would be required.

Q. Could I get a permit and then place the temporary carport in my front yard?

No. A permit would not be issued as a temporary carport is not considered a permanent structure, and it would be a violation of the Municipal Code to place such a temporary carport in the front set-back area of the property.

Q. My neighbor has a temporary carport in their front yard area. What can I do about that?

Please contact the Code Enforcement Unit at (925) 671-3075 for assistance. If a Municipal Code violation is found, we will initiate a code enforcement case until the property is compliant.

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