City of Concord, California



Applying for a Wideload Permit

To apply, you must submit a completed Wideload Permit Application form. Certain restrictions apply to each of the following per the California Vehicle Code.

  • Annual - Issued for one year with unlimited trips $90.00 (Must maintain some truck route)
  • Daily - Issued for one trip $16.00 (Subject to change)
  • Draw down Acct - Monies is deposited into a City account and is used for daily routes.
  • Daily Permits/Annual Permits are received and issued within 24 hours (subject to change)

How to Submit Applications

Submit all applications 24 hrs prior to move, in person or by fax to:
City of Concord, Current Development
1950 Parkside Drive. M/S 52
Concord, CA 94519
(925) 671-3425
Fax: 680-4877.
Hours: Mon to Fri. 8 AM to 4 PM

Additional Requirements:

  • No pilot car is required under 100' long and under 10' wide.
  • Caltrans permit required unless origin and destination is within City limits.
  • Insurance Requirements:
    $500,000 Liability (All liability on permitee $250,000 P.L P.D.)
    $600,000 Combined. (Subject to change)
  • Permittee is responsible for veriflying actual clearances.
City of Concord CA