City of Concord, California

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch and Problem Solving

Neighborhood Watch and Problem Solving is a shared responsibility and connection between the police and community. The goal is to make Concord a safer, more livable city through crime prevention and problem solving strategies. It is part of the overall philosophy of Concord's Community Policing.

What does it involve?

  • Neighbors getting to know each other and working together.
  • Implementing crime prevention techniques and strategies in homes and neighborhoods.
  • Helping to solve neighborhood problems through a partnership between you and your police department.
  • Learning about other public and private agencies that can be resources in helping to solve neighborhood problems.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you know your neighborhood has an active Neighborhood Watch and Problem Solving group already formed, join it!

If there is no such group, become a leader in your neighborhood and start one! Contact 671-3075 for more information.

What Happens in a Meeting and How Often Do Meetings Occur?

Usually a meeting consists of 10-20 neighbors. A typical meeting can last up to two hours. A volunteer will contact you to schedule your first meeting where crime prevention and safety tips will be discussed and resource materials will be distributed. At the conclusion of this meeting, your group will be encouraged to schedule a second meeting, attended by a sworn officer, where crime statistics and problem solving strategies will be discussed.

You and your neighbors can continue your Neighborhood Watch efforts by holding additional meetings as often as necessary.

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