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Engineering Division

Green is for Bikes!

The City of Concord continues to embrace a bold vision of a community where bicycling, walking, and driving serve the transportation needs of residents and visitors. The latest safety features of the Downtown Concord Bicycle Lane Improvements Projects are the newly-installed GREEN BIKE LANES and GREEN BIKE BOXES in the downtown area. These features are intended to safely connect the downtown area to BART and other transit.

So, how do you navigate these new GREEN bike facilities? Click here to find out!

Division Mission

The Engineering division is responsible for the City's essential Engineering Services comprised of two sections, the Capital Improvement Program and Current Development. The Capital Improvement Program includes design and construction contract administration of the City capital projects. Staff also provides current development support along with monitoring and coordinating implementation of the required mitigation measures for developments and other projects.

Capital Budget

This Capital Budget outlines several accomplishments related to the City's Capital Improvement Program over the last year and will guide the City in planning and scheduling the capital projects for the Capital Budget for Fiscal Years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. The combined two year Capital Budget is approximately $41.5 million and is funded primarily with Grant funds, Sewer Enterprise, Measure Q Capital funds, SB 1 Gas Tax and Measure J local funds. $14.7 million of the budget is funded through grants. In addition to continuing projects, funding for 37 new projects is approved.

Click HERE for CIP 2018-2020 Capital Budget.

Capital Improvement Program Project Map Launched

Concord CIP Projects Map Viewer The City of Concord's Engineering Division has launched a new interactive map to keep residents informed about approved Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects throughout the City. The initial launch includes 16 projects and will be expanded over the coming months to include upcoming construction projects. Viewers can select projects by zooming into the map and clicking on location icons or lines, filter projects by type, and click on a project thumbnail. Information regarding the project description, contact information, as well as schedule information for each project is provided.
Click HERE to access the map at

Current Development

Evaluates development applications and storm water control plans. Issues encroachment permits for work in the public right of way. Provides information to the public regarding flood plains, streets, sewers, storm drains, and grading.

Bids/Bid Plans and Specifications

Administration Offices

(925) 671-3361
Performs general administration of the Department and coordinates the preparation of the 10-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP).


(925) 671-3361
Prepares design plans and construction contract documents, including plans, specifications and estimates, for City capital projects.


(925) 671-3361
Administers construction contracts for capital projects. Inspects capital projects under construction.

Flood Zone Inquiry

(925) 671-3425
Responds to requests for information regarding location of a property relative to the floodplain. Most requests will be responded to within two working days, depending on the location of the property.

Mitigation Monitoring Program

(925) 671-3137
Monitors and coordinates the implementation of the required mitigation measures for developments and other projects.

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