Citizen Police Academy

About the Citizen Police Academy

The Academy provides community members with an inside look at local law enforcement. While at the Academy, students will be introduced to a variety of topics as described under the curriculum outline.

The ten-week Academy program is designed to give citizens an overview of the police department's function and operational procedures. The curriculum and teachings are real examples of police methodology and casework; however, the weekly sessions are not designed to train the participant as a police officer.

Academy classes are taught by police executives and veteran police officers. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with the Chief of Police and staff members. They are encouraged to ask questions and express ideas and concerns to police employees.

Academy Curriculum

Weeks 1 & 2 Weeks 3 & 4 Weeks 5 & 6
Chief of Police Introduction
Community Policing
Criminal Justice System
Laws of Arrest
Patrol Procedures
Communications - 911
Traffic Enforcement
Narcotics & Gang Enforcement
Financial Crimes
Police Facility Tour
Use of Force Issues
Crime Scene Investigations
Special Victims Unit
Major Case Unit
Weeks 7 & 8 Weeks 9 & 10
SWAT Operations
Hostage/Tactical Negotiations
Code Enforcement
Career Survival & Critical Stress Management
Community Issues
Practical Scenarios

Selection Procedure & Requirements

Citizen Police Academy Participants are selected by the Chief of Police through an application process. Applications are available on-line, in the police department Front Lobby. Enrollment is limited to approximately thirty students per Academy Class.

Potential candidates for the Citizen Police Academy must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum age of 16 years.
  • Live or work in the Concord Area.
  • No felony convictions.
  • No misdemeanor convictions within one year of application.
  • Any requirement may be waived or modified upon review and approval of the Chief of Police.
City of Concord CA