Internship with the Concord Police Department

Mission Statement

It is the intent of the Intern program to offer college students, who are interested in a possible career in law enforcement, a rewarding and insightful experience by providing an educational based three year program working in various bureaus in this organization. The intern, who is still attending College with good standing, will work with experienced Police officers, Community Service Officers, Community Specialist and other non-sworn employees. The intern will work on a rotational basis, normally six months, in various positions. The intern graduates from this position in three years from the date of employment with the aim to have inspired the intern for a career as a sworn Police Officer.

Program Supervisor

The Administration Lieutenant will be responsible for the intern program. The Sergeant will work with unit supervisors in the department, who are interested in mentoring an intern, by providing the intern a temporary position in their unit. The goal is to expose the intern to the experiences particular to that unit for a six month period. After the six months, the intern will be rotated back to the Administration Lieutenant who will re-assign the intern to another unit. In theory the Intern will work in six different units at the CPD and graduate with a global education of the inner workings of a modern and professional police department. The program supervisor is also responsible for the following:

  • Interns are currently enrolled in College with a minimum of 12 units.
  • Interns are in good standing with a GPA of 2.0 or better.
  • Interns posses a valid California Driver's license.
  • Interns maintain themselves to the same high standards of all CPD employees.
  • Yearly performance evaluations.
  • The program supervisor will listen and encourage program development via the evaluation critiques completed by the interns.


The Concord Police Department Intern Program is designed to mentor and develop future Police officers. The CPD has a high standard placed on the qualification of police officers and with this program CPD hopes to develop a qualified pool of Police Officer candidates who demonstrate those characteristics consistent with the current philosophies and Mission Statement of this organization. Intern qualifications include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend college with a minimum unit load of 12 units or equivalent. CPD encourages students to be educationally focused as full time students.
  • Students will be required to show proof of college enrollment every semester.
  • Posses a current GPA of 2.0 or better and provide proof every semester to the program supervisor.
  • Posses a high school degree or equivalent.
  • No felony criminal convictions.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Posses a valid California Driver's license and transportation to and from work.
  • Not currently on Probation for any criminal offense.
  • Not currently employed (outside employment must be approved).
  • The Administrative Captain, or his/her designee, may waive any of the above requirements based on his/her discretion.

Those candidates that satisfy the above requirements are eligible to apply at the Concord Police Department for the position of Intern if there is an opening. Please check the Human Resources webpage to see if there are any current openings.

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