Volunteers in Police Service (V.I.P.S.)

Concord VIPS


No police department is large enough to keep a community safe on its own. Effective crime prevention requires the active support of citizens - a partnership of the police department and the community.

This is where V.I.P.S. come in. V.I.P.S. stands for Volunteers in Police Service. These dedicated men and women volunteer their time and services to help make the City of Concord a safer place to live and work. In doing so, a partnership is formed that is the foundation to the department's Community Oriented Policing philosophy.

Vision for the Future

Every year the Concord Police Department experiences an increase in requests for services from the citizens of Concord. Many of the requests deal with subjects that are non-criminal in nature, or involve a miscellaneous service. The Department's ability to respond to these requests, using sworn officers as the responders, is limited. Sworn officers are primarily directed towards emergency response, investigation of major crimes, and calls for services that require powers of arrest. Volunteers in Police Service As a result, the need for volunteers continues to grow so that we may free the sworn officer for higher priority tasks while attempting to provide additional community services.

It is anticipated that Volunteers will be needed to expand the Neighborhood Patrol Program, get involved with the Neighborhood Watch Program, and assist with the formation of a Disaster Response Program for the City of Concord. We also hope to develop a Speakers Bureau, continue working with other city agencies, such as Neighborhood Services, while continuing to assist in the Headquarters as demand increases.

Concord Volunteers Receive National Recognition

he International Association of chiefs of Police, the world's oldest and largest non-profit membership organization of police executives, with over 19,000 members in 89 countries, honored the Concord Police Volunteer Program with one of two awards for Outstanding Achievement in Law Enforcement Volunteer Programs for 2004.

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