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Working at Camp Concord

We believe in providing a safe, natural, happy, secure environment for families. We believe hiring and training energetic, mature, caring and fun loving staff is the key element in helping us achieve this goal each summer. Camp Concord offers a structured program for family members of all ages with the freedom for each family to choose their level of involvement.

At the heart of this experience are incredible, inspiring and dedicated people like you. Working at Camp Concord can be one of the hardest jobs you'll ever love. In addition to hard work you can expect a summer of fun and tremendous personal growth. If you're up for this challenge and are ready for a summer filled with great experiences and wonderful people in beautiful surroundings - come and join us!

Positions are available for experienced, responsible and enthusiastic leaders who would be interested in devoting their summer to working with families in a positive, outdoor environment. We are looking for outstanding role models who want to engage youth and adults and be directly involved in creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Skills such as lifeguarding, song leading, guitar, hiking, arts and crafts, rafting, nature education, and performing arts are particularly desirable.

Also we hire staff through CCUSA international placement agency, bringing in qualified counselors from all over Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. The atmosphere created by hiring staff from around the world is unique. The practical skills as well as the cultural education the international staff provides are a wonderful addition to the overall Family Camp experience.

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